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Aluminium Fabrication

Allure Industries is able to help you with all your aluminum manufacturing, fabrication and assembly needs. Our facilities includes:
  1. Extrusion press (largest profile diameter is 300 mm – near 12 inch)
  2. Coating services (AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605)
  3. Fabrication (drilling, bending, machining, laser cut, etc)
  4. Assembly

Contact us at export@allureindustries.com for further information.

Bending Services

Astral Bending is one of the latest solution offered by Allure Industries to accommodate the needs of design in modern era. With bending solutions that We provided, Your dream to have a window with a different frame is no longer impossible.


Allure Industries is one of the leading OEM metal fabricators in Indonesia. Our facilities include :
  1. Metal bending
  2. Perforation services
  3. Laser cut services
With our dedicated team of engineers, we are ready to serve you with all of your fabrication requirements.


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