How to Clean Aluminium frames Outside / Inside the House


Parts of the house that shouldn’t be forgotten to be cleaned are aluminium-based doors, windows, and frames. Dirt on the aluminium frames and doors can broke the modern design appearance. On cleaning the aluminium-based doors, windows, and frames,start from the topmost part so that the dirty water won’t drop to the lower part. That’s why you should be aware of how to clean aluminium based product accurately and effectively.

These steps are available for aluminium-based doors, windows, and frames for both inside and outside the house. If there’s no gap between frames, windows, and doors, clean with the water hose to remove the dust and dirts. If there’s no gap, just wipe with a damp cloth to clean those parts.

Rub with the detergent or aluminium cleaner. Please pay attention to the manual if you use aluminium cleaner and apply to the smallest part first.

Again, rub with the dumpcloth from the topmost to the lowest part, so that the water droplets won’t dirt the already cleaned one.

Rub until gets dry.


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